About Us

Kirk and Associates is a full-service medical billing and coding company located in Newark, DE, specializing in Emergency Medicine, Telemedicine and Ambulance transport services.


Maryann Kirk, CEO

Maryann has more than 30 years of leadership in the emergency medicine reimbursement environment since the early 80s when she worked with EMS pioneer Dr. Ben Corballis, the first residency-trained emergency physician in Delaware. He was a leader in bringing the 911 system to the state. He started Professional Associates in 1971, the first emergency medicine and EMS ambulance billing company in Delaware, and Maryann ran it until he passed away in 2013. K&A grew out of that first company.

She is an expert in EMS, telemedicine, and emergency physician billing. Maryann is a trusted corporate leader whose key managers have been with her for many years, some from her earliest work running Professional Associates. She also built a telemedicine company with an emergency physician that serves thousands of patient encounters a year.